City Art

Art on electrical cabinets in the center of Elsinore city.

Carsten Thorsen is the initiator of a new art project in Elsinore, where several selected artists are invited to decorate the city cabinets with art on the doors. The project is done in collaboration with among others, for example Elsinore power station. Civic art in Elsinore

The project aims to create beautification by putting art on electrical cabinets, to avoid graffiti and bill-posting, which the electrical cabinets often is subjected to.

My work is called - apropos above - Philosophy and Graffiti. It can be seen at Bramstræde 7 in Elsinore City. The work seen here on the right with the model, Nadia Kofod.

The art can be painted directly on the doors to electrical cabinets or transferred through screen printing. I chose the last option, as it is difficult to set up glass work directly on the door.

The three first doors were put on the electrical cabinets in Elsinore city center in August 2010.

You can read more about the project at
... savagery and harmony ...
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